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Clash Royale 2016-03-13


Flappy Bird 2015-12-31


Spotify 2015-12-31

  • Jaisingh Gupta

    This is pretty awesome. I wanted to be able to run android applications in userspace of linux on personal machine which happens to be a built with minimal Ubuntu 16.04 with Mate as the DM. I hope it can someday be the perfect companion for my apps on my android device. I recently bought an S7 edge and have started to use a lot the apps (which I hated on my old rooted Xperia running 4.2.2 stock).

    Hope this project becomes the primary way to use android apps on linux. Cheers and goodluck.

    (Oh and I will try and report in my experience after I install it.)

    • alysdexia

      try /what/? and.

  • sola

    This is great stuff, keep up the good work !!!

    • alysdexia

      !!! isn’t a word.
      Don’t comma splice.

      • izznogooood

        You mait wanna trie “Is not a word” to get yoh point lacross…

  • joe smith

    Does google maps work yet ? Especially google “driving” (replacement of navigation). I’m making a car dashboard powered by a raspberry pi and I would like google maps’ app to run on it

    • Ruben

      The pi can also run Android directly.

      • Luringen Mentor

        Not really. Buggy and extremely slow…You cant run Android off a SD card.

        • warpedgeoid

          If it can’t run fast enough on the Pi natively, I would think, no chance this doesn’t make it worse.

          • alysdexia


          • mjku

            Knock it off.

        • alysdexia

          You can’t spell can’t.

  • Eugenio Voss

    Can i run android TTS on linux this way???

  • WyrdestGeek

    I just want Facebook Messenger. I want to be able to run it on arbitrary hardware. I don’t care if I get to that goal by efficient emulation or a native app or whatever.

    AFAIK, there’s currently only Messenger for Android and Windows 10’s new run-sort-of-anywhere runtime, whatever it’s called.

    I’ll do more googling.

    • WyrdestGeek

      I found this. It seems kinda cool. Not made by Facebook — some sort of wrapper for the web app.

    • Duarte Nuno Gomes

      Pidgin Instant messenger have the option to connect to facebook messenger.

    • HumanPlayer2

      You could consider using Franz ( It’s a joint wrapper for Facebook Messenger, Slack, Gmail, WhatsApp, and many, many more.

  • RPA syahril

    can i use shashlik for debuging my apps ?

  • Joshua Magallanes

    No 32bit version?

  • RCH

    hope someone test playing PUBG mobile with Shashilk :)

    • Akmal Dirgantara

      Me too, waiting for review