Shashlik 0.9.3

Shashlik 0.9.3 rewrites the way the main application is launched, hopefully making startup much more robust.

The updated debian package can be downloaded here.

  • biohazara

    Aparently, Shashlik won’t work if Virtualbox is running, just like the Android Emulator:

    • davidedmundson

      Interesting to know, thanks for the link.

      Hopefully we can merge away from needing qemu at some point, we’ll see.
      For now it’s a limitation that I think we’ll just have to bear.

      • biohazara

        Yeah, I imagined so, that’s why I decided to post this, as a FYI.

    • ReNa

      It’s good to post the error message here because I first found it at stack overflow and afterwards here 😉
      ioctl(KVM_CREATE_VM) failed: Device or resource busy
      ko:failed to initialize KVM

  • Pris0ner

    “The package is of bad quality” “The package doesn’t provide a valid Installed-Size control field. See Debian Policy 5.6.20.” on Ubuntu 14.04LTS 3.19.0-51-generic (posted under 0.9.0 by mistake)

    • yellowcrash10

      I was able to install it successfully on Ubuntu 15.10 using the following commands in terminal:

      sudo dpkg -i '/path/to/shashlik_0.9.3.deb'
      sudo apt-get -f install

      And to install an APK, use this command:

      /opt/shashlik/bin/shashlik-install '/path/to/Android-application.apk'

      I hope this helps!

      • gabrielmarchesan

        Hi all,

        I manage to run the application, but it gets stuck after lunching it… only application icon appears and no action can be done with app.

  • Matthew Hungerford

    Amazing, I got a few 3d games to work. They take a bit to launch, and only seem to work on the first install… but Amazing!

    I also figured out how to rotate the emulator for landscape based games, unfortunately right now it requires hacking the shashlik-run script (disable noskin and add -skin 480×320). Will see if I can add it to the desktop file and pass it down instead.

    • Starbuck2001

      Hi Matthew, any screenshots of those games running?

      • iahnn

        ctrl+F12 to rotate. Hayday and messenger is working. COC fails.

    • Andy de Cleyre

      Try Ctrl+F11 after launching

    • iahnn

      ctrl+F12 to rotate.

  • Eliane Aparecida Silvestre

    root@sasha-Aspire-E1-522:~/Scrivania# sudo /opt/shashlik/bin/shashlik-install /home/sasha/Scrivania/APK Permission Remover Pro v1.3.7.apk
    usage: shashlik-install [-h] apk
    shashlik-install: error: unrecognized arguments: Permission Remover Pro v1.3.7.apk

    • Matthew Hungerford

      For files with spaces in their names, you have to either put the filename in quotes or put backslashes before spaces.

      That is why the unrecognized arguments start after the first space in the apk’s name. You can also rename the apk to remove the spaces using your filemanager to avoid the problem.

  • Mormolis

    is there any p2p way to share?

  • ReNa

    App/APK hangs under Linux Mint 17.3:
    I can start apk files but it only displays the icon in a window and nothing happens. Where I can find logging messages?

    $ /opt/shashlik/bin/shashlik-run com.dotgears.flappybird “Flappy Bird”
    starting emulator
    emulator: WARNING: system partition size adjusted to match image file (750 MB > 200 MB)
    emulator: WARNING: data partition size adjusted to match image file (750 MB > 200 MB)
    setting icon3
    setting icon1
    setting icon
    Creating filesystem with parameters:
    Size: 69206016
    Block size: 4096
    Blocks per group: 32768
    Inodes per group: 4224
    Inode size: 256
    Journal blocks: 1024
    Blocks: 16896
    Blockgroups: 1
    Reserved block group size: 7
    Created filesystem with 11/4224 inodes and 1302/16896 blocks

    • ReNa

      Today I added “-verbose” command line switch to the emulator_args in line 89 of /opt/shashlik/bin/shashlik-run file and started aninstalled app. Here is the log output:

      Creating filesystem with parameters:
      Size: 69206016
      Block size: 4096
      Blocks per group: 32768
      Inodes per group: 4224
      Inode size: 256
      Journal blocks: 1024
      Blocks: 16896
      Block groups: 1
      Reserved block group size: 7
      Created filesystem with 11/4224 inodes and 1302/16896 blocks
      emulator: nand_add_dev: cache,size=0x4200000,file=/tmp/android-rena2019/emulator-S9hJSw,pagesize=512,extrasize=0
      emulator: registered ‘boot-properties’ qemud service
      emulator: Adding boot property: ‘dalvik.vm.heapsize’ = ’48m’
      emulator: Adding boot property: ‘ro.config.low_ram’ = ‘true’
      emulator: Adding boot property: ‘qemu.sf.lcd_density’ = ‘160’
      emulator: Adding boot property: ‘qemu.hw.mainkeys’ = ‘0’
      emulator: Adding boot property: ‘qemu.sf.fake_camera’ = ‘back’
      emulator: Initializing hardware OpenGLES emulation support
      emulator: Kernel parameters: qemu.gles=1 qemu=1 console=ttyS0 android.qemud=ttyS1 androidboot.hardware=goldfish clocksource=pit android.checkjni=1 androidboot.selinux=disabled ndns=1
      emulator: trying to find: /opt/shashlik/bin/bios.bin
      emulator: trying to find: /opt/shashlik/bin/vgabios-cirrus.bin
      emulator: autoconfig: -scale 1
      emulator: Found ro.adb.qemud build property: 1
      emulator: control console listening on port 5554, ADB on port 5555
      emulator: can’t connect to ADB server: Connection refused
      emulator: ping program: /opt/shashlik/bin/ddms
      emulator: ping command: /opt/shashlik/bin/ddms ping emulator standalone “X.Org R300 Project” “Gallium 0.4 on ATI RV515″ “2.1 Mesa 10.1.3″
      goldfish_fb_get_pixel_format:169: display surface,pixel format:
      bits/pixel: 16
      bytes/pixel: 2
      depth: 16
      red: bits=5 mask=0xf800 shift=11 max=0x1f
      green: bits=6 mask=0x7e0 shift=5 max=0x3f
      blue: bits=5 mask=0x1f shift=0 max=0x1f
      alpha: bits=0 mask=0x0 shift=0 max=0x0

      Does anyone else has the same behaviour?

      • Stephen Gutknecht

        I did not run into this problem. Mine boots, but doesn’t start apps. I did manage to use Android Studio to attack logcat to the emulator – so I guess it got pretty far. I think “adb shell” can also attach logcat to a device.

    • Stephen Gutknecht

      I have the same problem you do on Ubuntu 14.04, multiple apps just show icon but seem to hang.

  • Fritigern Gothly

    I am very disappointed in this.
    First qapt-deb-installer silently refuses to install this package (0.9.3), then when using software-center to install this it complained about it being a bad package (paraphrased) but it installed it anyway.
    No menu entries were created whatsoever, and running shashlik from the command line seems to be impossible.
    When I went to uninstall the package using Synaptic, it showed a file size of 0bytes.

    All in all, a very very bad result for what was supposed to be an great experience.

    Using Kubuntu 16.04 on a 64-bit intel i7 x990 with 12gb RAM

  • vsks

    What about option of running without VM on host kernel already built with binder (and maybe other android drivers)?

  • Bogdan Arabadzhi

    Is this project still alive?

  • sola

    Thanks for the hard work guys.

    This project is very important so keep up the good work !

  • David Carlos

    Vou instalar no ubuntu 16.04 LTS KDE.
    I will install on Ubuntu 16.04

    • Caio

      Olá, David! Conseguiu instalar?
      Eu instalei ele aqui no Mint, mas ele apenas instala os “.apk”. Quando tenta rodar o app, ele congela na tela do app e não inicia.
      Aconteceu o mesmo contigo?

      • David Carlos

        Roda ele pelo terminal e verifica o que ele está precisando se é alguma dependência de pacotes não instalados.

      • Leandri

        O mesmo aconteceu comigo, mas já olhei no terminal e não tem nada faltando.

  • Joan Soto (Pollito)

    Is shashlik still alive?

    • Kamil Koczurek

      I don’t think so. :

  • Joan Soto (Pollito)

    Good project but i think is dead :(,

    • Bec-Busuck

      shashlik-runtime-env has been updated on their GitHub on September 22, so let’s hope this project is still alive…

  • omg2090

    Sad this project being abandoned. Hopefully Anbox ( achieve what Shashlik was trying. I’m really hoping a good quality, open source Android emulator to appear eventually.

    • soad

      All hail anbox ! FYI anbox doesn’t emulate. It simply integrates to host system.

  • Eurico Saldanha de Lemos Neto

    How can I uninstall an app? I am not finding where shashlik install them.

  • Ronaldo Rodriguez

    para cuando 32 bit??

    • Fr0g

      Esta descontinuado :(.

  • omg2090

    It’s been more than 2 years since the last update on this blog and 1.5 years since the last commit on “shashlik-runtime-env”. I think the Shashlik team should announce the official discontinuation of the project… Hopefully they start contributing to Anbox.

  • MJ Skowronek

    I’m kinda suspicious of Anbox. I’ve never gotten it to work and all the
    demos I’ve seen have crashed. It doesn’t seem to be getting better over
    time, like software in active development typically does. That said, it
    has a very nice looking website, so someone obviously put some work into
    the project. What was their motive? Who knows, but it doesn’t seem to
    be to progressively improve the idea..

    • Bobby Wibowo

      Should have paid more attention to its Github repository instead, as it’s fully open-source. The development team isn’t big, and pretty much only being actively maintained by 1 or 2 guys. However recently there doesn’t seem to be much work going on. On a side note, it’s working just fine for me, and I’ve been using it a lot in the past few days to play some Android games.

  • Julian

    Hi, I installed Shashlik but it doesn’t show on my Menu. How do i run it?


  • Mauricio Souza

    O projeto irá continuar???

  • omg2090

    There’s a new Android emulator project called SPURV that already has better application compatibility than Anbox. (SPURV can run Angry Birds whereas Anbox can’t)
    But there’s a catch: SPURV runs only on Wayland, so it is not usable for a Nvidia user like me.

    Hopefully, someday, Anbox or SPURV achieve what Shashlik was trying…

  • Lorenzo Jimenez

    I’ll bet that now Huawei will fund the project. Jejeje Thanks Mr. Trump.