Shashlik 0.9.1

Thanks to all the people who gave prompt feedback on the initial release (especially scottywz on Reddit for the in depth analysis), we’ve whipped up a new spin. 0.9.1 available here.

It should at least address some of those issues, so feedback from people who experienced previous errors is welcomed.

For instructions on usage, please see

  • Piers | Crowdfunding Dojo

    Doesn’t seem to work with Periscope, downloaded from:

    I’m on Kubuntu 15.10 running v0.9.1

  • Piers | Crowdfunding Dojo

    My last comment seemed to diasappear. Not sure if it was deleted or just a glitch in the matrix. Anyway, I was just trying to give feedback that version 0.9.1 with Kubuntu 15.10 doesn’t seem to work with Periscope from:

    Not sure if this is lack of x86 support, or something else. Thanks for a great project!

    • davidedmundson

      It doesn’t look to have an x86 build. Some apps do, some don’t. As more x86 devices come out this should change however.

      PeriscoDroid has an x86 build.

  • wicket64

    A bit of feedback which might help you to solve some of the problems that some people have been having. The shashlik-run script always fails for me. I eventually got this to work by manually running emulator64-x86 and the adb commands. It seems that the problems arise due to the timing of the apk install via adb. If the adb install command is sent too early or too late, the command will hang. If I send the install command right after the Android buttons appear, the apk will install successfully and I am then able to run it without any problems.

    • davidedmundson

      Ack. New build drops APK and instead has shashlikd pull the data from the script rather than the script pushing. Should work better.

  • Børge / forteller

    Thanks for updating it so fast! But I still can’t install it on Ubuntu Gnome 15.10 64 bit, updated to Gnome 3.18 with the Gnome Staging PPA.

  • apk downloader

    Good news..
    I will checkout this app soon.