Shashlik 0.9.1

Shashlik 0.9.1

Thanks to all the people who gave prompt feedback on the initial release (especially scottywz on Reddit for the in depth analysis), we’ve whipped up a new spin. 0.9.1 available here. It should at least address some of those issues, so feedback from people who experienced previous errors is welcomed. For instructions on usage, please[…]

  • Stu

    Looking forward to being able to use this to develop android apps !

  • Bart Larsen

    Your work is appreciated. I think this is an amazing project.

  • Noremacam

    Do you keep a list of known working apps? Or a list of non-working apps?

  • Antero Duarte

    Now this is taking multi-platform to a new level…has anyone tried to build this on a raspberry pi?

  • Stephen Sharp

    Appreciate the hard work!

  • Elian Davis Alava Chica

    haja la que este proyecto no sea olvidado

  • Joe Well

    seems like a cool idea, but it seems development has gone stale :(

  • AndresL (VE)

    Porfavor que paso con este projecto?