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Current Version: 0.9.3 – Size: 139MB

There is a nice “How-To” install and use shashlik:

The current version has been tested to work within a KDE Plasma 5 environment. In other environments, it *could* work, but is not tested by the developers.

If you have compiled packages for latest Shashlik or know where to find such, please let us know in the comments and we link to it above.

Report any issues on github here:

  • Aram Grigoryan

    rpm builds?

  • Wesley Otugo

    RPM ?

  • CW

    I was pretty excited about this but it looks like a lot of work to build from scratch. I’m assuming that’s why there’s just a .deb installer and no .rpm version.

    • Miquel Mayol i Tur

      you can use yaourt from rpm distros now and use the AUR package.

  • Chris Macy

    Downloading on Ubuntu now, I’ll post back here how it works out. Is there a way we can support this work?

  • Andrew Anderson

    I can get apks to install. But many don’t function well once installed. The project has promise if it can mature to a point were compatibility with apks in not such a prevalent issue.

  • nitrofurano

    the packages above should mention they are for amd64 – i’m using i386 only

    • yomachaser

      I hope this doesn’t come off as rude ,but …why? Why are you still using 32bit?

      • nitrofurano

        because the computer is still working, it is still perfect for my needs, and i don’t want to feed planned obsolescence! :)

        • Ilya Kuchaev

          So why do you need the android apps there? :)

          • nitrofurano

            are you saying it is impossible? :)

  • jorge luis

    ok 😉

  • Ítalo

    Perfect Ubuntu!

  • Emilio Aldao

    Dont work in my Linux Mint 17.3

    • Phillip Cline

      Or Linux Mint 17.2

    • Atheror

      Works on my Mint 17.3
      /opt/shashlik/bin/shashlik-install com.dotgears.flappybird-1.3-4-minAPI8.apk
      /opt/shashlik/bin/shashlik-run com.dotgears.flappybird flappybird

      • ReNa

        Does not work under Linux Mint 17.3 for me :-(
        I created an issue at
        @atheror:disqus what graphic card do you use?

        • Atheror

          nothing fancy.. Intel HD4000 CPU corei3

          • ReNa

            my setup: AMD Athlon II X4 651 Quad-Core + ATI RV516 [Radeon X1300/X1550 Series]

  • Dimitris

    Works great on Debian Jessie (8.3) amd64, kernel 4.3.5 (from the backports)
    If you guys can get a per-app settings configuration system (to simulate
    bigger screens and portrait/landscape layouts) it would be awesome.

    Oh and we also need a reliable apk install-uninstall mechanism.

    When those two are done it will be as close to perfect as we can get it :)
    (Next deliverable we’ll ask you for some USB or PCI passthrough for some hardware simulation but we’re not in a big hurry :) ) Thanks for your hard work :)

  • randagioul

    i’ve just installed but… how can i lunch the app?

    • ReNa

      $ /opt/shashlik/bin/shashlik-install /path-to-your-apk/com.dotgears.flappybird.apk
      $ /opt/shashlik/bin/shashlik-run com.dotgears.flappybird “Flappy Bird”

  • Gianni

    When try to open .deb file with Ubuntu Software Center i received this message error :

    The package doesn’t provide a valid Installed-Size control field. See Debian Policy 5.6.20.

    From the command line nothing happens
    # sudo dpkg -i shashlik_0.9.3.deb

    Not work on Ubuntu 15.10


    Installed on manjaro but how do i open it???

    • Dozerman

      Same OS, same problem. Not opening for me on KDE Manjaro when typing in “shashlik” or related commands. Also not showing up in the launcher.

      • ibattlemonsters

        There is no gui. You run shashlik-install filename.apk in terminal then you run shashlik-run filename.apk

  • rootdata0x

    In archlinux works! 😀

  • Henry Wu

    not work in ubuntu 16.04 nightly build.

    Selecting previously unselected package shashlik.
    (Reading database … 165292 files and directories currently installed.)
    Preparing to unpack shashlik_0.9.3.deb …
    Unpacking shashlik (0.9.3-1) …
    dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of shashlik:
    shashlik depends on libc6-i386; however:
    Package libc6-i386 is not installed.
    shashlik depends on lib32gcc1; however:
    Package lib32gcc1 is not installed.
    shashlik depends on lib32z1; however:
    Package lib32z1 is not installed.

    dpkg: error processing package shashlik (–install):
    dependency problems – leaving unconfigured
    Errors were encountered while processing:

    • Kamil Koczurek

      use sudo apt-get install -f.

      • Henry Wu

        It will remove the shashlik,not install the dependency

        • Kamil Koczurek

          It should be removed, as the installation wasn’t successful. You should try doing this:
          apt deb shashlik-*.deb
          and in case of error – apt install -f

          If that one deosen’t work too, you can install dependencies manually.

      • Henry Wu

        see this

  • Baggia Nate

    Oh yesss, beautiful!
    Oh noooo, nothing rpm builds? :-(

    • Baggia Nate

      …mmm, ok…

      download deb file: shashlik_x.y.z.deb
      alien –to-rpm shashlik_x.y.z.deb
      rpm2cpio shashlik_x.y.z.rpm | cpio -idmv

      download apk file: AnTuTu Benchmark (com.antutu.ABenchMark-5.7.1-5070100-minAPI14.apk)
      /opt/shashlik/bin/shashlik-install com.antutu.ABenchMark-5.7.1-5070100-minAPI14.apk
      /opt/shashlik/bin/shashlik-run com.antutu.ABenchMark-5.7.1-5070100-minAPI14.apk antutu

      …but, see screenshot… :-(
      Some suggestions?

      [ run on Fedora 23 – 64 bit ]

  • mkhuda

    Upload to repos may will be great.

  • Muaad ElSharif

    Can’t download .deb
    Please fix the download mirror

  • Walberth Vieira

    Pacote rpm please.

  • Tiago Winehouse

    Nice! Ohhhhhhhhhhh YES!

  • Mantisfistjabn

    Gtting this on Antergos

    ==> ERROR: shashlik-bin no está disponible para la arquitectura «i686».

    ==> ERROR: Makepkg no ha podido compilar shashlik-bin.

  • Federico Galli

    fedora packages ?

    • Bec-Busuck


      Use alien to make a rpm package using the Ubuntu package.

      The rpm you will get is not perfect (shashlik-0.9.3-2.x86_64 conflict with filesystem-3.2-28.fc21.x86_64 packet). You have to correct it using rpmrebuild.

      Just do that:

      fakeroot alien shashlik_0.9.3.deb –to-rpm

      sudo rpmrebuild -ep shashlik-0.9.3-2.x86_64.rpm

      Then you will enter into Vim to correct some stuff.

      Just comment the line: %attr(0755, root, root) “/”


      sudo yum install /root/rpmbuild/RPMS/x86_64/shashlik-0.9.3-2.x86_64.rpm


      Tested on Fedora 21 x86_64 with gnome.

    • paolo antinori

      Hey man! Any chance you have already done it and want to share it? Maybe even with a copr repo?

  • saleh_oukiki

    is not working on system 32bit!!!!?

  • Saqib

    Please provide a snap package for ubuntu 16.04.

  • F. S.

    No 32-bit, great!

  • Dozerman

    Loads up great for me on Manjaro Plasma 5, but will not accept mouse input.

  • Hemant Kumar

    shashlik is sucessfully installed…but apps is not opening..(kali linux 64)

  • Hemant Kumar

    shashlik is sucessfully installed…but apps is not opening..(kali linux 64)